AC-CARB12 - Chongz "Killer Pasty" Yellow Glass Carb Cap

AC-CARB12 - Chongz "Killer Pasty" Yellow Glass Carb Cap

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Product Code:AC-CARB12 - Chongz Killer Pasty Yellow Glass Carb Cap
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AC-CARB12 - Chongz "Killer Pasty" Yellow Glass Carb Cap

Its time to reach your Dab Rigs potential

Most folks a dab rig banger carb cap is the last dabbing accessory on their shopping lists

True Dab connoisseurs know this is an essential bit of kit.

Chongz "Killer Pasty" Yellow Glass Carb Cap is coloured like a circus big top and

made to increase the flavour and vapour of your favourite concentrates.

How they work:

Carp caps help to trap the heat of the nail, allowing much lower temperature dabbing

Making for a much more efficient heating of your favourite substances. 

Easy Use

Just heat the banger/nail and scoop some concentrate from your dab tool into the hot surface. 

As soon as the concentrate heats up, just place the carb cab on the banger. Watch your fingers !

When the caps put on top it changes the pressure which leads to convection and BANG !!

Also the restricted airflow makes your concentrate fizz with extra super flavoursome vapour. 

and  allows for a slow cool down, enhances flavour and makes it last longer, whats not to love?

Durable & Long-lasting

If your looking to enhance your dabs flavour profile and some colour and style

then look no further ! Order now !


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