Magic Leaf Dube Tubes

Magic Leaf Dube Tubes

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WOW ! New Doob Tubes, Joint holders, Cigarette Savers from Magic Leaf

 Pink - Navy Blue - Gold - Magenta / Purple - Red - White

Save your doobie or cigarette safe and extinguished in this epic cigarette stash and storage device.

Perfect for on the go festivals, camping, city life. Protect your smokes.
Ideal for situations where you don't have time to smoke your entire build, but don't want to throw it away

  • No Smell
  • Water resistant
  • No Loss of Taste
  • Reusable 

In a top range of colours- keep safe inside, without any loss of flavour
You will receive 2 dube tubes of your colour choice

You will receive one random pattern - Choose your colour :) 
Remember FREE UK postage when you use FREEUK coupon on check out.

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