Greengo Eco - Christmas Gift Set

Greengo Eco - Christmas Gift Set

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This Christmas Gift box listing is for 3 / 6 packs of Greengo Unbleached Kingsize Papers (3 Or 6 Packs) 

 papers and more :) 

You can choose to add to your Willy Banjo's take away order with the following items

  • Greengo Eco Green Recycled THC Plastic Herb Grinder
  • Greengo Eco Brown Recycled Herb Grinder
  • Greengo Unbleached Tips (2 packs)
  • Greengo Eco Recycled THC Plastic Smokers Rolling Tray

Delivered FREE to your door ( UK only)

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Tags: greengo, unbleached, rolling paper, skins, wood pulp, chlorine free, recycled, FSC certified