Headchef Samurai 55mm 4 Part Herb Grinder

Headchef Samurai 55mm 4 Part Herb Grinder

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Headchef Samurai 55mm 4 Part Metal Herb Grinder 

Now we're cookin! 

The all-new Samurai Grinder from Headchef is a 4 part 55mm aluminium sifter grinder that features a set of extremely sharp grinding teeth that will grind even the toughest of herbs with ease. 
The herb grinder features a brand new Samurai logo, a unique ergonomic easy-grip design and jewel inlay to make grinding a breeze. 

The grinder has a magnetic top lid to keep everything in place when not being used, whilst the centre sections can act as a storage area. 
The bottom section of the herb grinder has a sifter layer with a metal gauze to filter even the finest of particles, it even comes with its own handy little sifting tool. 

The Headchef Samurai Herb Grinder is available in 10 awesome colours. Colours: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and Silver. 

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