Puncture Repair Hidden stash decoy safe

Puncture Repair Hidden stash decoy safe

Product Code:Puncture Repair Hidden stash decoy safe
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Super Tire Inflator Diversion / Decoy safe stash can

Hide money, jewellery, medicine or other valuables in plain sight. 

Perfect for your garage, car motorhome etc.

Stash compartment does not occupy the whole tin.

A Hidden compartment is located inside the stash can. 

Looks exactly like the real tire inflator. 

All you do is Screw off bottom / lid to get to secret compartment.

This is NOT and actual tire inflator. It is a diversion safe

The Stash can may vary in design and colour.

Dimensions 2.5" by 8"

Inside diameter 1.75"

Inside depth 4"

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