Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinders

Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinders

Brand:Santa Cruz CA USA
Product Code:GRI-Santa Cruz All Hemp Shredder
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Santa Cruz Shredder - Hemp Grinders - Plastic free

There is zero plastic in the Santa Cruz hemp grinders. ZERO - Nowt, Nada, Nayma

Santa Cruz using cutting edge technology by utilizing all-natural hemp with a hemp-based binder, to stick them all together

The grinder itself is 100% biodegradable and is extremely durable!

Designed to give you the consistent fluffy grind that Santa Cruz Shredder is known for. 

New Color Hemp Shredders are made with natural dyes to keep these completely biodegradable. 

Available in 5 colours: Black, Blue, Green, Red or White.

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