GCH129 - Glass Chongz "Mainline" 16cm Glass rig teal

GCH129 - Glass Chongz "Mainline" 16cm Glass rig teal

Product Code:GCH128-Chongz Iron Lung Glass Bong black 16cm
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GCH129 - Glass Chongz "Mainline" 16cm Glass oil rig teal /green

Although diminutive in stature, this stylish glass oil rig is superb in both appearance and performance.
The 'Mainline' features a recycler that helps the smoke to be continuously filtered to create an unforgettably flavoursome smoking experience.

By including both a glass dome and nail, Chongz have created a very sleek and versatile piece of glassware that's a must have for any dabbing enthusiast.

Dual system bong that can be used for dry herbs or for waxes and oils

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