Ceramic 4-Way Party Alien Bong Small 23cm

Ceramic 4-Way Party Alien Bong Small 23cm

Brand:Basil Bush
Product Code:CB890S - Ceramic 4-Way Alien Bong Small 23cm
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Ceramic 4-Way 4 person Party Alien Bong Small 23cm

Alien Head Ceramic Bong with a 4-Way mouthpiece in white ceramic.

The Aliens have landed, take me to your bong seller.

Experience a close encounter of the bong kind, brush up on your inter-galactic customs, and remember not all aliens are here to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

These ceramic alien head bongs are certainly the best you'll find in this quadrant.

Ready 4 for budding astronauts to take a trip to bozo land. 4 people, one bong!

Size: 30cm tall

Tags: ceramic, 4 way, alien, head, novelty, waterpipe, water, pipe, small, cheap