Bounce Silicone Ashtray

Bounce Silicone Ashtray

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Bounce! Silicone Ashtray

The Bounce Silicone Ashtray is the new must-have ashtray on the market.

Bounce made their name from their very well made silicone bongs. Now, they're on the market with a whole range of new products. And this ashtray is one of their latest!
Silicone has some huge benefits. Firstly, it's virtually indestructible. Knocking the ashtray over is almost inevitable. But with the new Bounce Ashtray, it won't shatter and break like glass ashtrays.
Secondly, silicone is very easy to clean. Lots of plastic ashtrays get grotty very quickly because tar can stain and smell. With silicone, you can wash it like you would anything else and the smell will be gone in seconds!

So get yours today before they run out

Made From High-Quality Heat Tempered Silicone

Diameter: 820mm

Height: 220mm

Dual Purpose Ashtray / Dab Tool Holder

Available in various colours

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