C-1 Sci-Fi Voyager Dab Kit #06

C-1 Sci-Fi Voyager Dab Kit #06

Brand:Dab Lab
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  • £69.99

C1 Sci-Fi Voyager Dab Kit #06 is an all in one kit to start you off.

The kit includes all of the following:

  • C1 Sci-Fi Voyager bong,
  • Dab Lab quartz glass thermochronic 14mm female banger,
  • Dab Lab bubble carb cap,
  • Bounce! Silicon skull dab pot,
  • Dab Lab warrior sword titanium dab tool & carb cap,
  • Bounce! Medium silicon dab matt 20cm x 30cm,
  • Genie super soaked alcohol wipes,
  • Dab lab spiraliser 4 in 1 t-nail.

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