Chongz Purple Haze Dual System Glass Bong 30cm

Chongz Purple Haze Dual System Glass Bong 30cm

Product Code:GCH100 - Chongz Purple Haze 2 system Glass Bong 30cm
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Chongz Purple Haze Dual System Glass Waterpipe 30cm

This multi-purpose glass bong also works as an oil rig - giving you the best of both worlds.

One of the most noticeable features of this bong/oil rig is the unique looking in-built percolator that resembles some sort of one-eyed alien octopus!

This bong/rig is constructed from thick 5mm glass that feels weighty to hold. The large circular base keeps the bong standing tall and free from tipping over. With purple accents contrasting beautifully against its clear glass construction, the Chongz 30cm 'Purple Haze' Glass Bong/Oil Rig is a beauty to behold.

This device comes with a glass nail & dome and paddle lift bowl.

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