Dab Lab Reactor Core Banger Beaker #01

Dab Lab Reactor Core Banger Beaker #01

Brand:Dab Lab
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  • £29.99

This great reactor core beaker banger is an all in one combo.

Sporting the most notorious quartz banger actually built into the beaker style rig.
At the base of the downstem, you have vapour dispersement slits.
This is a great all-rounder for those just starting out or even the most experienced who just want something small and discreet!

Only 13cm tall.

Including the following:

  • Reactor Banger Beaker
  • A Heisenberg quartz carp cap.
  • All nicely packaged for safe transport.

Tags: dab, oil, wax, kit, rig, banger, quartz, dab lab, beaker, 13cm