Crafty Vaporiser Complete Set

Crafty Vaporiser Complete Set

Brand:Storz and Bickel
Product Code:Crafty Vaporiser Complete Set
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Crafty Vaporiser Complete Set - Storz and Bickel 

The Crafty Vaporiser from Storz and Bickel a complete vaporiser kit.

Smaller than the Mighty vape, the Crafty is 11 x 5.7 x 3 cm and weighs only 135g.

Lightweight and pocket-sized, a perfect little device.

Included in the kit:

  • Spare seal rings
  • 3 spare screens
  • Drip pad
  • Filling aid 
  • Herb mill
  • Dosing capsules
  • Cleaning brush

Powered by a lithium ion battery, this vape delivers precise electronic control with full convection hot air and a high efficiency heat exchanger which offers precise temperature control.

Using haptic feedback and an LED display and features an Auto switch off function makes this vape an all in one travel device.

The Crafty can also be controlled via the Remote control app for Android and IOS.

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