LimPuro AIR-FRESH DLX 200g

LimPuro AIR-FRESH DLX 200g

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LimPuro AIR-FRESH DLX 200g Solid Block Freshener 

LimPuro AIR-FRESH is almost scentless and extra strong. It neutralises bads smell leaving your room pure and free of smells. 

LimPuro DLX Pure works on a natural basis by evaporation. It does not affect plants. Open the box and place it near the source of odours. The active substances in Limpuro DLX Pure bind the smell molecules and neutralise them. It evaporates over a period of 4-6 weeks. The result is fresh, pure air free of smells. 

  • Mobile and ready to use 
  • First Aid for acute odour problems 
  • No covering of bad odours 
  • Bad smells will be neutralised. It creates a natural room climate. 
  • It does not create a musty odour during continuous use 
  • Vegan 
  • No benzole and limone 
  • No fragrances and their allergens 
  • Made in Germany 

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