LimPuro B-Buddy

LimPuro B-Buddy

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LimPuro B-Buddy Cleaning System

The B-Buddy is a complete bong cleaning system from Limpuro, designed as a fast and efficient method of cleaning bongs and water pipes. Pipe and pipe accessories are cleaned in one operation by The B-Buddy.

Product Contents:
1x B-Buddy (4.0mm stainless steel) 1x LimPuro® Bio Cleaner concentrate 20ml / 3x rubber stopper

Thread the downpipe on the B-Buddy and rinse with hot water. Then place B-Buddy with threaded downpipe in the water pipe. Fill up with hot water, then add LimPuro® Bio Cleaner Concentrate. After approx. 3-5 minutes soaking time, move B Buddy slightly up/down in the pipe. Unplug the pipe, pour out the dirty cleaning solution and rinse several times with hot clear water - that's it.

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