LimPuro Sample Pack One

LimPuro Sample Pack One

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LimPuro Sample Pack One

Limpuro Sample Packs are a compact way to complement your cleaning regime! 
This is a cleaning starter kit for lovers of smoking. 
The cleaning starter pack has everything a smoker needs to keep your equipment clean.

Limpuro Bio Cleaner will clean your bongs or pipes quickly and efficiently leaving no residue or taste.

Limpuro Pipe Limo is a vegetable concentrate to bind resin directly in the water of your bong,  water pipe.

Limpuro Grinder Cleaner will keep your grinder like new.

Limpuro Anti Lime will keep your glassware clean and clear lime spots.

LimPuro Bio Cleaner Concentrate 100ml 
LimPuro Pipe Limo 
LimPuro Grinder Cleaner 
LimPuro Anti lime 30ml 

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