Headchef Metal Smokers Rolling Tray

Headchef Metal Smokers Rolling Tray

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Headchef Metal Skinning Up Smokers Rolling Tray

From the makers of Headchef grinders, there is now a skinning-up tray with the Headchef characters.
Spaceman, Cyborg, Samurai and the Headchef are all there on this colourful tray!

We have a range of rolling trays to suit every need.
Small rolling trays for on the go or larger lap trays or one for the tabletop.
In a wide range of designs and sizes, these rolling trays are sure to please.
Metal trays with rounded edges and smooth curves, so nothing is lost to small corners.
A range of funky designs and styles!
Keep it all in one place and avoid the mess with our range of trays.

Available in two sizes.

  • Mini: 12.5 cm x 18 cm
  • Small: 18 cm x 27.5 cm

Great as a gift or just treat yourself.

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