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Metal Herb Crusher Shredder Grinders 

Metal herb grinders are mainly manufactured from anodized aluminium or stainless steel making these epic herb shredders the toughest and most durable herb grinders in the world…
Everrrr 🙂

Often equipped with diamond-shaped or shark-shaped teeth, these metal herb grinders will shred through your favourite herbs and spices with ease.

Most metal herb grinders, or shredders/crushers as they are sometimes known, usually have magnetized lids for a secure fit.

Most metal herb grinders also come with a nylon anti-friction ring, that makes it smooth to twist and to give you trouble-free and wear-free grinding.

Here at The Legendary WillyBanjo, we offer an amazing selection of metal herb grinders and shredders.

Ranging from simple 2-part grinders to 4-part grinders that include built-in pollen screens and kief catchers and multi-part grinders.

Loads of styles and colours, from the cheap novelty grinders to high end, top quality ranges from the biggest brands including, Headchef, Chongz, Vibes, Santa Cruz and more.

New ceramic coated non-stick shredders are now available for a longer-lasting nonstick coated grinder click here.

Check our amazing grinder cleaning solution from Limpuro and our specialized grinder brushes to help maintain your piece and keep it fresh.

Shop online, view our ranges below.