Bounce! Warp Drive Silicone Bong 38.5cm

£ 34.99

Bounce! Warp Drive Silicone Bong 38.5cm

£ 34.99

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Bounce! Warp Drive Silicone percolator Bong 38.5cm

This silicone and glass bong has a silicone frame with a toughened glass percolator core which is designed to be easily dismantled to make for easy cleaning.

This silicone bong stands an impressive 38.5cm tall, made from high-quality silicone as is expected from the bounce! Brand.

This silicone bong comes with a silicone downpipe & 14mm clear lift bowl.
Available in Camo or Rasta.

Additional Information

Weight 750.00000000 g
Dimensions 120.00000000 × 120.00000000 × 385.00000000 mm




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