Chongz Envy Breeds Desire Glass Bong 40cm

£ 84.99

Chongz Envy Breeds Desire Glass Bong 40cm

£ 84.99

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Chongz Envy Breeds Desire Glass Bong 40cm 

This beautiful 40cm tall glass bong has a round flask style body with a bubbled mouthpiece that acts as a handgrip. 

The diffuser stem helps to cool the smoke as it bubbles through the waterpipe. 

This bong uses a separate diffuser stem and a bowl with a handle. 

This lovingly crafted bong is available in three glorious milky colours. 

  • Milk Green 
  • Milk Pink 
  • Milk Purple 

Additional Information

Weight 750.00000000 g
Dimensions 100.00000000 × 100.00000000 × 400.00000000 mm


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