Chongz Hairway to Steven Glass Bong 33cm

£ 49.99

Chongz Hairway to Steven is a straight bong with a honeycomb perc disc.

A 33cm tall bong with glass bowl & a honeycomb perc and ice notches.

Chongz Hairway to Steven Glass Bong 33cm

£ 49.99

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Chongz Hairway to Steven Glass Bong! At 33cm tall, this bong is sure to turn heads and impress your smoking buddies.

“Featuring a large chamber with a honeycomb perc disc, this bong is perfect for those who like to keep their hits smooth and cooled. Plus, the ice notches will make sure your hits stay chilled.

“Made from high-quality 5mm glass, this bong is built to last and will be a great addition to any collection.”

Additional Information

Weight 750.00000000 g
Dimensions 120.00000000 × 100.00000000 × 350.00000000 mm




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