G Rollz 24k Gold Pre rolled Cone

£ 19.99

Luxury at your fingertips. Don’t be at the party. Be the party.

Handcrafted 24K gold rolling papers made with the finest edible gold.

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24k grollz pre rolled cone

£ 19.99

Availability: 2 in stock

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Stand out and stunt in front of your friends with these special G Rollz 24k  King-Size Gold cones as seen on Instagram and used by many celebrities and key industry smokers.

How do these papers burn?

Compliments from avid smokers on a regular basis on how slow, even, and consistent these papers burn. These papers burn like cigars, not like papers that run as soon as you light them.

Are Gold papers bad for you?

There is no such thing as healthy smoking, but the way our papers are made, the edible 24k gold actually stays on the ashes. The ember of a joint or a blunt burns below 900° Fahrenheit, less than the melting point of gold.

These cones are handmade with 100 % organic hemp paper base for the smoothest smoke.


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