Herb Grinder Cleaning Brush

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Herb Grinder Cleaning Brush 

Is your herb grinder a bit filthy? A little tough to twist? All gunked up?

Check out our best selling cheapest herb grinder cleaning brush. Perfect to keep your shredders in tip-top condition.

Keep your herb crushers clean and fresh with this cracking bit of kit. With a metal body that has a spike/scraper on one end.

The scraper spike is to get the thickest of the filth off the grinder, and the soft, fine hairbrush to clean the crystal catcher sieve and the threads from your grinder of all the old grime from your shredding over the years 🙂

Use the spike to loosen tough material and then clean with the brush.

If you want the best and cleanest grinder, you better check out our amazing Grinder Bio Cleaner here from our favourite fresh and clean product makers, Limpuro’s finest grinder cleaner.

Check our range, have a nose at our lines. Willy Banjo #Legendary

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