Headchef Cyborg Metal Herb Grinder

£ 44.99

Headchef Cyborg Metal Herb Grinder

£ 44.99

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Headchef Cyborg metal herb Grinder 

Headchef was working on the international space station when he was taken by bounty hunters from far in the future…
Assimilated by Andromeda Bio-Tech Industries, he has returned to the present.
But he is now a Cyborg…
living tissue with a metal endo-skeleton, programmed to serve and protect… 

No Thread Easy Lock System.
Interchangeable Sifter Screen for Easy Clean & Screen Replacements.
Swept Edge Collection Plate.
Dual Directional Blades Allow for Bio Matter Shredding & Matter Volumising.

Packaged in a Bespoke Carved Wooden Box with a Lazer Etched Design!
Available in Gamma Green 

Diameter: 62mm / Height: 53mm

Additional Information

Weight 410.00000000 g
Dimensions 62.00000000 × 62.00000000 × 53.00000000 mm



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