Quintessential Organic Hemp Coated Smoking Tips

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Quintessential Organic Hemp Coated Smoking Tips - Little Books (2 Packs) Free UK Delivery

£ 3.99

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Quintessential Organic Hemp Coated Little Books are the choice of the Hemp Enthusiast.

Made to the same exacting specifications as the tips, the Little Books are in fact a bigger booklet (equivalent to 4 tips), that is perfect, not only for customizing the size of your own smoking tip, but also for many many different uses such as flick books for animation, a tidy pocket-sized shopping list, or a notebook that fits perfectly into your jeans or purse.

Quintessential Roach Tips are made from various paper types starting with Standard FSC, Recycled, Organic Hemp Coated all the way through to 100% Pure Hemp (tree-free) paper.

Maxi Packs are books of card that have been perforated to tear into 4 tips.

Little Books are books of uncut card perfect for customising the size.

Smoking Tips are booklets of single tips.

ALL paper types are chlorine & bleach free.

Manufactured in Cornwall.

Weight 71.00000000 g
Dimensions 70.00000000 × 52.00000000 × 10.00000000 mm


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