Silver Palm Leaf Pipe – Credit card pipe

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Silver Palm Leaf Pipe / Credit card pipe

£ 24.99

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Silver Palm Leaf Pipe – Credit Card smoking pipe

The Silver Palm Leaf Pipe is the original compact pipe with an in-built cooling system.
The smoke travels through the channels cut into the metal base before it gets to the mouthpiece, cooling down as it goes.
The stainless steel base is held on by strong magnets, making it easy to take apart for cleaning.

The Silver Palm Leaf pipe has gone through a couple of incarnations, but we are proud to state that they have gone back to their original roots to bring you this perfect pipe.

From the horse’s mouth: – Jamie, Inventor of Silver Palm Leaf Pipes.

There have only been two versions of the pipe, the original, currently sold in a white box, and version 2, as was sold in a grey box.
The original, launched in 1993 is made by lost-wax casting stainless steel and version 2 which was a die-cast zinc alloy.

In 1992 when I designed the Silver Palm Leaf I wanted to make the best pipe possible, using the best materials. I wanted to create a product that would last a lifetime.
The only material that fulfilled all the criteria was stainless steel. It took over a year working with various foundries to develop a process that could cast an item as thin as the SPL pipe, in places, the steel is less than half a millimeter thick.

Weight 140.00000000 g


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