Red-Eye The Raswell

Red-Eye The Raswell

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The Raswell from RedEye is an ingeniously designed Smokers hand pipe which is styled in the form of a UFO!

Made from top quality anodized aluminium with stainless steel feet, the Raswell is built to provide a lifetime of smoking pleasure.
The interior of the pipe houses a 350mm smoke path which is based on an ancient Celtic maze – as the smoke snakes around the maze on the way to the mouthpiece the smoke is cleaned and filtered, providing a cool, smooth hit bursting with flavour.
The Raswell comes apart easily for cleaning – simply unscrew the feet and pull the pipe apart.
We recommend regular use of Red-Eye Pipe Klena to keep all your smoking accessories in tip top condition.

The Raswell is available in your choice of 12 striking colours, including chrome.

Diameter – 80mm, Height – 40mm, 350mm Celtic maze smoke path, Anodized aluminium / stainless steel.

Available in the following colours: Black, Blue, Chrome, Gold, Green, Gunmetal, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Turquoise.

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