Tight Vac Containers

Tight Vac Containers

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TightVac Portable Vacuum Storage Jars

TightVac containers are one of the best airtight storage smell proof containers on the market.
Odour proof, airtight and completely water-resistant, these vacuum-sealed jars are the perfect storage containers.
Just push down the lid to suck out all the air making it completely vacuum-sealed - guaranteeing freshness!

The airtight and water-resistant lid helps to ensure the contents are kept safe and that unwanted smells are kept inside.
The size of these ranges from pocket-sized right up to 2.35l ensuring that there's a size that will meet your needs.

With patented Vacuum seal technology, the Tight Vac range will keep your food fresh and smell free, and if stored properly certain items can stay fresh for up to 1 year!!

Available in the following sizes:

  • Space Vac 0.06 Litre
  • Pocket Vac 0.06 Litre
  • Mini Vac 0.12 Litre
  • Tight Vac 0.29 Litre
  • Tight Vac 0.57 Litre
  • Tight Vac 1.30 Litre
  • Tight Vac 2.35 Litre
  • Kilo Vac 3.80 Litre

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