Digital Weighing Scales 

Willy Banjo online and retail, sellers of the best range of kitchen, tobacco, and herb weighing scales for sale in the UK 

To get the most out of your smoke, baking, you need the correct weighing scales to weigh your stuff out. 

From diversion style CD scales to tough durable scales for those on the go. 

Weighing from 100 grams to over 1000 grams, or 1 kilo, to an accuracy of 2 decimal places or 0.01g. 

Willy Banjos have the ultimate range of weighing devices on the planet. 

Shop the Headshop World range of portable digital weighing scales, tobacco scales, and herb weighing scales. 

Brilliant high-level accuracy guaranteed with our scales. 

We have portable scales available which are small and compact, and also larger kitchen bench homeware models. 

To keep your scales weighing accurately, we also supply Calibration Weights