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Welcome to the Scales section of Willy Banjo, your trusted source for precision weighing instruments. Whether you’re measuring herbs, spices, jewellery, or other small items, our selection of high-quality scales will meet all your needs with accuracy and reliability.

Digital Precision Scales
Discover our range of digital precision scales from leading brands like On Balance. These scales are designed for exact measurements, providing accuracy down to the finest detail.

Pocket Scales
For those on the go, our pocket scales offer a compact and portable solution without compromising on precision. These lightweight and discreet scales are perfect for quick measurements, fitting comfortably into your pocket or bag.

Mini and Compact Scales
Our mini and compact scales are perfect for tight spaces and small tasks. Despite their small size, these scales deliver high accuracy and are perfect for home use, travelling, or small business needs.

Professional Scales
For more demanding applications, our professional scales offer higher capacities and advanced features.

Calibration and Accessories
Ensure your scales are always accurate with our selection of calibration weights and accessories. Regular calibration helps maintain the precision of your scales, guaranteeing reliable results every time.

At Willy Banjo, we are committed to providing our customers with the best tools for precise measurements. Browse our selection today to find the perfect scale for your needs.

Accurate measurement: Our scales have a weighing range of 100 grams to over 1000 grams or 1 kilo, with an accuracy of 2 decimal places or 0.01g. You can trust our scales to provide you with precise and accurate measurements every time.

Trust Willy Banjo to provide you with the ultimate range of weighing devices on the planet. Our brilliant high-level accuracy scales make your weighing experience effortless and convenient.