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Acrylic / Plastic Shredder Grinders – from cheap novelties to the very best herb grinders around

Acrylic or Plastic herb grinders are the most popular type of shredders and are usually the cheapest.

Lightweight, handy and usually pocket-sized,

Acrylic grinders are a very good alternative for more expensive plastic grinders. 2 part and 4 part acrylic grinders for grinding herbs and spices.

Crystal catchers are available on some models.

Don’t let the price put you off; Yes, some of the plastic grinders are strictly cheap and are novelty shredders!

But some, such as the Volcano or Weed World grinder are a great value product.
And the new Eco-friendly recycled plastic grinders from Greengo or the bio-degradable Santa Cruz are a must for any discerning smoker who wants something they can just take with them on the move.

These grinders are cheap, lightweight, pocket size and yet do the same work as the other more expensive ones.