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Raw Classic Pre-Rolled Cone King Size 20 pack


Raw Classic Pre-Rolled Cone King Size 32 pack


RAW x Lyrical Lemonade Bud Wrap cones

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Willy Banjos Metal Doob Dube Tube

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Rolling Papers at Willy Banjo’s Head Shop

Welcome to Willy Banjo’s Head Shop, your one-stop destination for premium rolling papers from the world’s most trusted brands. Whether you are a seasoned roller or a newcomer, our extensive selection ensures you find the perfect papers to suit your smoking preferences. Explore our curated collection featuring top brands known for their quality, innovation, and variety.

Featured Brands

Discover the natural and unrefined goodness of RAW rolling papers. Renowned for its commitment to purity, RAW offers papers that are additive-free, providing a smooth and authentic smoking experience. Choose from classic, organic hemp, and the ultra-thin RAW Black series.

Experience the ultra-thin and smooth-burning papers from Cloudz. Ideal for those who appreciate a delicate touch, Cloudz papers ensure a clean and even burn every time. Rainbow papers to pure hemp.

A staple in the rolling paper world, Rizla offers a wide range of papers to suit every preference. From the thin and light Rizla Silver to the robust Rizla Green, you’ll find the perfect balance of thickness and burn rate.

Choose from a variety of materials with Smoking rolling papers. Known for their high-quality flax, rice, and hemp papers, Smoking caters to all tastes with options that promise a superior rolling experience.

OCB (Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré) is synonymous with excellence in rolling papers. Their organic hemp and flax papers, available in ultra-thin and slim sizes, offer a premium smoking experience for the discerning user.

Blazy Susan
Stand out with Blazy Susan’s distinctive pink and purple rolling papers. These vegan and non-GMO papers are not only eye-catching but also provide a smooth and enjoyable smoke.

For ultimate customization, Rips offers rolling paper on a roll, allowing you to choose the perfect length for your rolls. Available in hemp and rice varieties, and also super flavoured Rips papers are a versatile choice for any smoker.

Juicy Jay’s
Add a burst of flavour to your smoke with Juicy Jay’s flavoured rolling papers. From fruity to sweet, these papers infuse your smoking experience with a delightful taste sensation.

Enjoy the European craftsmanship of Mascotte rolling papers. With options ranging from extra-thin to eco-friendly, Mascotte delivers quality and consistency in every roll, in Pink or white with a magnetic seal.

Additional Brands and styles

Explore even more top-quality rolling papers at Willy Banjo’s Head Shop. Our selection includes other trusted brands, ensuring you have access to a diverse range of papers that meet your unique needs and preferences.

Pre-Rolled Cones:
Skip the hassle of rolling with our premium pre-rolled cones. Available in various sizes, these cones come with built-in filter tips for a smooth and consistent smoke. Simply fill, twist, and enjoy. Our selection includes top brands like RAW, Elements, and Juicy Jay’s, ensuring you get the best quality for your smoking sessions.

Rolling Papers with Tips:
For those who enjoy the art of rolling but appreciate a little extra help, our rolling papers with tips are the ideal choice. These papers come with included filter tips, making the rolling process easier and providing a better smoking experience. Choose from renowned brands such as RAW, OCB, and Smoking, known for their high-quality materials and innovative designs.

Why Choose Willy Banjo’s Head Shop?

At Willy Banjo’s Head Shop, we pride ourselves on offering only the best rolling papers on the market. Our carefully selected brands guarantee quality, reliability, and satisfaction. Shop with us and elevate your smoking experience with the finest rolling papers available.

Visit our store today and discover the perfect rolling paper for your next smoke. Happy rolling!