RAW Black Organic Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers

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RAW Black organic was created for a new generation of next-level top-shelf smokers. For expert smokers only!

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£ 1.50£ 54.99

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Raw Organic Hemp Black Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers
Released in celebration of 16 years of RAW!

These are the thinnest, slowest burning unbleached hemp paper RAW have ever made.

Made from natural hemp and water, finished with a sustainably harvested organic gum from Acacia tree sap.

Made from natural plants with zero burn additives.

Each leaf is incredibly thin with very low porosity so it burns very slow and preserves your terps.

Dimensions – 110mm x 44mm.

32 leaves per pack.

– Paper Size: King Size Slim
– Leaves per Book: 32
– Books per Box: 50

Additional Information

Weight 31.00000000 g
Dimensions 110.00000000 × 25.00000000 × 5.00000000 mm


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