Glass pipes, Spoons, Bubblers, shelocks, animal pipes and more

There are many reasons why you should use a glass pipe for smoking. The main ones are its invert and emits no taste, so what you put in, is what you get out, easy to clean and maintain and usually bloody beautiful.

1.They offer a cleaner smoke. Wood and metal pipes all take a little while to bed in, and loose their initial taste, glass, if you keep it clean, will always taste the same.

When compared to other types of pipes, glass pipes generally last longer. Glass pipes are typically built from a single piece of glass and after the process of annealing, where they are colled very slowely over time, this gives them a remarkable strength and are difficult to break.

Another big advantage of glass pipes is the wide range of shapes, styles, designs, and sizes of glass pipes available in the UK

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4.Less Heat

Glass pipes do not heat up as quickly as other smoking pipes. For instance, ceramic pipes and metal pipes tend to heat up quickly, making it difficult to hold them while smoking.

Glass pipes take longer to heat up. They also lose heat quickly. All of these make them easy to hold even when they’re subjected to the highest temperature.

If you have ever used a metal pipe you’ll know what we mean. Check out our range of Glass pipes at Willy Banjos head shop, family ran since 1993