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Snowflake Lift Bowl 14mm Male

£ 6.99

Snowflake Lift Bowl 19mm Male

£ 5.99

Waterpipe Bong and Dab Rig Accessories

Even if you take the utmost care, there are times when accidents happen! And when that occurs you need to get spare parts.

Here at Willy Banjo we stock most spares that you need to make sure you can continue smoking uninterrupted!

Spare glass bowls in both 14mm and 18mm male fittings. Dab bowls from 10mm up to 18mm in both male and female styles.

Silicone bowls to even further reduce the possibility of breakage!

Pre-coolers to make for an even smoother smoke.

Aluminium downstems for acrylic bongs.

And a range of Dab tools to suit any budget.

Contact us here at Willy Banjo’s if you think of any replacement parts for glass, ceramic or acrylic bongs and dab rigs that may be missing.