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Since the beginning, Red-Eye has been passionate about improving your smoking experience and their dedication shows in every product they create. With stylish design and precision engineering,

Red-Eye guarantees you the smoothest smoke. Whether you’re looking for a vaporizer, pipe, grinder, or screens, Red-Eye has you covered.

Shop with Willy Banjos and experience the Red-Eye difference

  • ROK-it: Ultra-sturdy anodized aluminum & stainless steel pipe w/ 5mm glass chamber & 14 port filtration. Disassembles for easy cleaning.

  • Raswell: UFO-style hand pipe made of top quality anodized aluminum & stainless steel. Unique 350mm smoke path for cool, smooth hits.

  • Splif Stik: Versatile hand pipe w/ Red-Eye’s unique maze smoke filtration system. Can be used as cigarette holder or chillum-style one-hitter.

  • Amazed: Hand pipe w/ Red-Eye’s unique 320mm maze filtration system for unbeatably smooth smoke. CNC precision-machined, available in 11 colors.

  • The E-Livi8: portable vaporizer from Red-Eye: sleek silver design, impressive battery life, unique sealed air path for pure vapor taste. 3 temp settings for optimal flavor & vapor from tobacco & dried flowers. Upgrade from cheaper vapes & escape harmful combustion. Elivi8-ate!

  • The Bul-it: smoking pipe from Red-Eye is a unique and stylish hand pipe with a maze filtration system. Made with brass or chrome construction, it’s only 88mm in length and features a winding, twisted smoke path that cools and conditions the smoke for a smooth and flavorful hit. Comes in a gift box with Red-Eye authentication hologram

  • Crystal Twist Grinder: 40mm or 50mm, 5-part, anodized aluminum, magnetized, iconic logo, 11 metallic colors.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Gauze Pipe Screens – 25 screens in 2 sizes available. Made from Stainless Steel, sizes 16.5mm and 12.5mm Durable and last up to 3x longer than other brands. Comes in stylish borosilicate glass jar with logo printed cork lid. Machine-packed, perfect for bongs and pipes.

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