E-livi8 Portable Vaporiser

£ 109.99

Why are you smoking?
Why are you Blazing?
You should Be Elivi8… ting


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E-livi8 Portable Vaporiser

£ 109.99

Availability: 1 in stock

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The E-livi8 portable vaporiser is a sleek silver hand-held vape designed by our friends from Red-Eye.

Are you looking for a quality vaporiser at quality prices? This gorgeous-looking vape should be all you need.

A step up from some cheaper vapes, this device will last a long time with it quality construction and build quality.

With an impressive battery life this vape will keep you on the go for longer.

The E-Livi8 offers the smoker a chance to escape from harmful combustion and inhale a truer, tastier vapour with no metallic taste from the internal electronics, thanks to its unique sealed air path.

Three temperature settings have been exhaustively tested to provide the best possible variation of flavours and vapours from your tobacco and dried flowers.

Why you smoking?
Why you blazin?
You should be Elivi8…ting

It’s the combustion-free lifestyle choice.

Unique features include a super-fast heating ceramic oven, gets hot quick,
2 massive Samsung rechargeable batteries
for when you know you want to vape on the go,

Hand-polished, super shiny, sexy chrome body,
Hard glass mouthpiece and a free silicone spare one too

You can breathe easy with 3 of the best preset vaporizing temperatures
and our straight and true oxygen feed,
Giving you, the vaper, medicator, eliv8tor
the freshest taste with NO waste.

So why are you still smoking? Take a positive step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Love the life you live, live the life you love with Elivi8, a REDEYE remix

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