Herbal Vaporizers

Discover our range of premium herbal vaporizers, designed to suit every preference and lifestyle. From compact, portable models to advanced devices with precision controls, we have the perfect vaporizer for you. Vaporizing herbs is widely considered a safer and healthier alternative to smoking, as it reduces the intake of harmful toxins and combustion byproducts. Explore our collection and find the safest way to medicate.

Here are some of our selections.

DaVinci MIQRO Explorers Kit Vaporizer
The DaVinci MIQRO is a compact and stylish dry herb vaporizer. The Explorer’s Kit includes additional accessories such as a carrying case, extra batteries, and cleaning tools, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go vaping.

Storm Spirit Vaporizer
The Storm Spirit is a versatile pen-style vaporizer compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. Its robust build and straightforward functionality make it ideal for both beginners and experienced users.

Storm Sapphire Vaporizer
The Storm Sapphire is a budget-friendly, user-friendly option. Designed primarily for dry herbs, it offers a fixed temperature setting for hassle-free vaping.

G Pen Dash Herb Vaporizer
The G Pen Dash is a compact and portable vaporizer for dry herbs. With three temperature settings and a glass-glazed stainless steel heating chamber, it ensures efficient and flavourful vaporization.

G Pen Elite Herb Vaporizer
The G Pen Elite features a full LED display, precise temperature control, and a large ceramic heating chamber. This advanced portable vaporizer is designed for optimal flavour and vapour production.

Plenty Vaporiser Complete Set 
The Plenty by Storz & Bickel is a powerful handheld vaporizer renowned for its robust build and high-quality vapour production. Suitable for both dry herbs and concentrates, it uses a convection heating system for superior results.

Mighty Vaporiser Complete Set
The Mighty, also from Storz & Bickel, is one of the most highly regarded portable vaporizers. It offers precise temperature control, exceptional battery life, and consistent vapour quality.

Crafty Vaporiser Complete Set
The Crafty, another excellent product from Storz & Bickel, is a more compact version of the Mighty. It combines portability with outstanding vapour quality and app integration for precise temperature control.

E-livi8 Portable Vaporiser
The E-livi8 is a portable dry herb vaporizer featuring an intuitive design, 3 pre set temperature settings, and a ceramic heating chamber with a sealed air path. It’s perfect for those seeking simplicity and reliability.

Pulsar APX V3 Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer
The APX V3 is an affordable and compact vaporizer for dry herbs. With a quick heat-up time and multiple temperature settings, it’s known for its ease of use and portability.

Storm Vaporiser Pen
The Storm Vaporiser Pen is a discreet and portable pen-style vaporizer compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. Its simple design and robust performance make it a popular choice for new and experienced users alike.

The Safest Way to Medicate

Using a vaporizer is widely recognised as a safer and healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods. Vaporizers heat herbs to a temperature that releases the active ingredients without combustion, significantly reducing the intake of harmful toxins and carcinogens.

Explore our collection and find the perfect vaporizer to enhance your herbal vaping experience safely and effectively.