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Headchef Premium Glass Ashtray


Welcome to Willy Banjo’s Head Chef collection, where you’ll find an exciting and funky range of smoking paraphernalia.
Head Chef brand offers a wide variety of products, including high-quality grinders, rolling trays, and storage solutions.

Their grinders are a must-have for any smoker or chef.

We have loads to choose from including the Sun Machine 62mm 4-Part Grinder,
Lady Cube Grinder, Lady 55mm 4 Part
We also have the Hexcellence Lady Silky Soft Touch Grinder, which is simply amazing!

Need storage solutions? We have you covered with our Storage Buddy Pot Grinder, Storage Buddy, and Grinder ‘Activated Carbon’ Storage Bag. Keep your herbs organized with our Bamboo Rolling Tray, Lady Jar, and Glass Herb Storage Jars. You’ll find various editions of Glass Herb Storage Jars, including Lady, Future, Spaceman, Classic, and Samurai editions.

We also have accessories to help you maintain your grinders, such as the Grinder Brush and Grinder Tooth Brush. For those who are always on-the-go, our Speedy 50mm 4 Part Herb Grinder is the perfect travel companion. If you’re looking for something hardcore, check out our Hexellence Hardcore Non Stick 4 Part Metal Herb Grinder 62mm.

At Willy Banjo, we aim to bring you the coolest and funkiest products that will enhance your smoking experience.
Explore our Head Chef collection and find the perfect product to suit your individual style and kitchen.