Headchef Lady Cube Grinder

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Lady Grinders by Headchef.

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£ 34.99

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Introducing the Head Chef Lady Cube grinder, a beautiful and unique addition to the Head Chef Grinder Range.

This 4-piece cuboid grinder is both durable and stylish, featuring an angular design and high build quality. Its thread-free, 100% magnetic design makes it easy to use and clean. The grinder also comes with a removable screen and teeth plates for easy cleaning.

The Lady Cube grinder, created by Head Chef, boasts a fashionable and practical design. Its magnetic structure and removable screen and teeth plates make it simple to use and clean. This grinder is a must-have for any herb enthusiast looking to add style to their collection.

In addition to its design and functionality, the Head Chef Lady Cube is also an innovator in the herb grinder market. Designed in Sheffield, this grinder is made with the highest quality materials to ensure a consistent and efficient grinding experience every time.

Dimensions : 60mm X 55mm

Available in 3 custom colours including :

  • Dark Black
  • Pretty Pink
  • Popping Purple

Additional Information

Weight 750.00000000 g
Dimensions 62.00000000 × 62.00000000 × 50.00000000 mm


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