Chongz Bread of Heaven Herb Grinder 40mm 4 Part

£ 14.99

The Chongz ‘Dragon Fire’ Rasta 4-Part Metal Sifter Grinder!

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£ 14.99

Availability: 1 in stock

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Bring the heat with the Chongz Bread of Heaven 4-Part Metal Sifter Grinder! 40mm 4 Part

Constructed from aluminum metal, this grinder features 4-parts that join together. The bottom 3 parts screw together, whilst the first part connects magnetically to the second part.

The third part not only holds your ground herbs, but it also features a fine mesh screen that sieves through the most potent parts of your herbs.

This grinder also comes included with a small plastic pick located in the lower part to enable users to easily distribute their sifted herbs.


Weight 750.00000000 g
Dimensions 60.00000000 × 60.00000000 × 60.00000000 mm


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