Chongz Dead Head Non Stick 60mm 4 Part Grinder


Non stick grinders are the future…

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Have you checked out the Chongz Non-Stick Herb Grinder in Blue and Pink Splash yet? It’s, like, totally the sickest design in our opinion that Chongz has come up with ever! This 60mm 4 part baby has a non-stick coating, making it so easy to use and clean.
But, seriously, let’s talk about this design – it’s ace! The splash design is so unique and eye-catching, and the Chongz logo on the lid just adds to its awesomeness. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your herb grinder getting all sticky anymore. The non-stick coating makes for a smooth and easy grinding experience.
And wait, there’s more! This grinder also comes with a scraper tool to help you collect all the leftover kief from the catcher or any remaining herb from the chamber or edges of the grinder
Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best grinder ever! Order now and enjoy!
if you want to keep her super clean, try these !!
This grinder is painted.


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Weight 750.00000000 g
Dimensions 60.00000000 × 60.00000000 × 60.00000000 mm




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