Chongz Aluminium herb Grinder Pod 7part 50mm


Just when you thought 4 part grinders were the future, chongz come back from a galaxy with 7 parts…

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Designed with versatility in mind, this grinder offers a range of functionalities. By removing the glass body or chambers, you can transform it into a three-part grinder or utilize it as a convenient container for storing your herbs.

When it comes to performance, the Willy Banjo Pod grinder surpasses the competition. Its heavy-duty build and diamond-cut teeth ensure superior grinding capabilities. Even the toughest herbs and spices can be effortlessly processed within seconds while maintaining a consistent grind.

Equipped with a mesh screen, this grinder effectively filters the most potent components, collecting them in the bottom jar. You can choose to use them immediately or accumulate them for a more substantial session.

Dimensions: 95mm by 55mm

It measures
92mm high,
52mm wide and has a
Diameter of 50mm.

Additional Information

Weight 750.00000000 g


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