Storz and Bickel Cleaning Brush Set


A set of 3 cleaning brushes for Vapes and Herb Grinders

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Storz and Bickel Vaporiser Spare Parts - Cleaning Brush Set


Availability: 1 in stock

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The Storz & Bickel Cleaning Brush Set comes with three cleaning brushes for quick cleanups and routine maintenance. With sturdy bristles and a flat end for tamping down your vape loads, the Storz & Bickel brushes have become one of our favorite vaporizing accessories.

A set of 3 cleaning brushes for any Storz and Bickel device.

Keep your device clean with these stiff bristle brushes from the makers of the Crafty, Mighty, Plenty, and Volcano vape devices.

These brushes are also great at keeping your herb grinder clean too!

Weight 85.00000000 g


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