Kubiks Cube 4 Part Metal Grinder

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Introducing the Kubiks Cartoon Grinder – a delightful and functional accessory that combines the joy of cartoons with the efficiency of herb grinding. This 4-part grinder is constructed from a durable blend of plastic and zinc alloy, ensuring long-lasting performance. What sets it apart are the three captivating cartoon designs that bring a playful touch to your herb preparation routine.
Featuring razor-sharp diamond-shaped grinding teeth, the Kubiks Cartoon Grinder effortlessly transforms your herbs into a fine consistency, ready for use. The magnetic top enclosure keeps everything securely in place, preventing any accidental spills or messes.
Equipped with a steel micro mesh screen, this grinder filters pollen, providing you with a smooth and refined herb experience. The separate pollen chamber allows you to collect and store your pollen, ensuring none of the precious material goes to waste.
To add to the convenience, a free pollen scraper is included with your purchase. It allows you to effortlessly retrieve every bit of pollen from the grinder and maximize your collection.
Choose from three unique cartoon designs, each bringing its own charm and character to the grinder. Elevate your herb grinding experience with a touch of whimsy and fun. 


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Weight 750.00000000 g
Dimensions 60.00000000 × 60.00000000 × 60.00000000 mm


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