Red Eye King Amazed Pipe

£ 44.99

The King Amazed is the super-sized version of our flagship handpipe, the Amazed.

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King amazed pipe

£ 44.99

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The King Amazed smoking pipe features Red-Eye’s unique ‘maze’ filtration system.

Specially designed to provide an unbeatably smooth smoke, the King Amazed is a beautifully crafted hand pipe, measuring 143mm in length which features Red-Eye’s unique maze filtration system.
Inside of the pipe is a winding, twisted smoke path that extends many times the overall length of the pipe – in the case of the King Amazed the smoke path is approximately 550mm in length. This long smoke path cools and cleans the smoke so that the hit that reaches your lungs is silky smooth and bursting with flavour.

King Amazed Features

• Length – 143mm
• Anodized aluminium
• 550mm maze smoke path

Limited Edition Amazed

Check out our new Amazed Limited Edition Pipe with a unique leaf design in two different colours.

Please message if you would like an alternative colour, whilst we don’t stock every colour we can usually get them.

Additional Information

Weight 750.00000000 g




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