Red Eye Walnut Rolling Tray

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red eye signature series walnut rolling tray

£ 25.00

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Welcome to Red Eye, the purveyor of the world’s most exquisite walnut rolling tray. Meet the crown jewel of Captain Red Eye’s signature collection: the Walnut Rolling Tray. A testament to the seamless fusion of age-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation.

Our Walnut Rolling Tray is a labor of love, meticulously designed and expertly crafted. It marries the timeless allure of walnut wood with the precision of laser etching, yielding a remarkable piece that transcends mere functionality to become a true work of art.

Each of our Laser Etched Walnut Rolling Trays is individually handcrafted from sustainably sourced walnut wood, known not only for its remarkable durability but also for its enchanting, warm tones. The wood’s innate grain patterns and lustrous finish serve as a captivating canvas for the laser-etched design.

This Walnut Rolling Tray measures a convenient 16.5cm by 24.5cm, making it an ideal companion for your smoking ritual. Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious, our trays are a must-have for connoisseurs who appreciate both form and function. Embrace the beauty of nature’s artistry with Red Eye’s Walnut Rolling Tray.


Weight 300.00000000 g


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