Pure Hits Glass Filter Tip Clear

£ 9.99

  • Made from heat proof borosilicate glass
  • Unique 9-hole airflow design
  • eco-friendly and reusable 
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£ 9.99

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The Pure Hits Tip is made from 100% borosilicate glass featuring a premium construction and is eco-friendly thanks to its reusable nature. This slick glass tip is our most affordable version of the Pure Hits Tip line, in classic clear glass adorned with the black Pure Hits logo.

The Pure Hits Tip is a glass smoking tip featuring nine curved holes/ channels funnelling the glass into a vortex. This elite glass tip has been designed for optimum function using only the finest borosilicate glass. The unique hole pattern allows for better airflow with some resistance and provides an even burn and a clean, pure, and seriously enhanced flavour.

7mm – Small personal-sized smoke/cigarette typically less than a gram in a standard rolling paper. 

8mm – The mid-range daily all-rounder is good for around a G-1.5; this is the staple size for many.

9mm – The classic and the most popular size for glass tips. This one is for the more giant smokers and can handle up to 2 grams on average.

For optimum cleaning, use some washing-up liquid and hot water to rinse it, then soak it in Isopropyl alcohol overnight. Alternatively, use our best cleaning solution limpuro https://willybanjo.com/product/limpuro-bio-cleaner-concentrate-250ml/

Be sure to rinse and let dry thoroughly before use. 


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