Are you tired of using your shoe as an ashtray? Or maybe you’re just sick of sweeping cigarette butts off your carpet?

Well, have no fear, because we’ve got the solution for all your smoking needs! Introducing our hilarious and functional ashtrays made from top-notch materials like silicone, glass, and ceramic.

For the fancy smoker, we’ve got the
RAW Crystal Heavy Weight Ashtray, for the rainbow lover, we’ve got the RAW Rainbow and
Dark Side Ashtrays for the inner evil

For the on-the-go smoker, we’ve got the Silicone Ashtrays from Bounce that you can take anywhere.

And if you’re a true Amsterdam lover, we’ve got the official Bulldog of Amsterdam Ashtrays.

So don’t let your ashtray be an afterthought, make it a conversation starter with one of our unique designs.

And remember, if you can’t quit smoking, at least make sure you quit littering.

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