Air Freshener Smart stash can – decoy safe 250ml

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Air Freshener Smart stash can - decoy safe 150ml

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Air Freshener aluminum smart stash can – Decoy safe 150ml

Keep it fresh keep it safe on your holidays/festivals if we are ever allowed again and store your valuables in this

The Decoy safe hides its secret storage under the lid of the can. The lid of the original packaged tin unscrews stealthily so only you and the cat knows 🙂

Inside is a small storage compartment that will hold a small amount of jewellery, money, or anything else you’d like to keep safe!

They come in various options and you will be sent a random can with the same branding just a different smell… so to speak

please note these cans contain no deodorant!

Order yours now and keep your valuables safe.


Weight 175.00000000 g
Dimensions 15.00000000 × 6.00000000 × 6.00000000 mm


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