Stamford Black Mythical Hex Vegan Incense Sticks – Box price

£ 23.98

Fairy’s Mist
Stamford Black Mythical Hex Vegan Incense Sticks - Box price

£ 23.98

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Stamford Black Mythical Hex Vegan Incense Sticks – Box price 

Stamford London are UK’s leading specialist manufacturer and distributors of quality incense. 

Stamford Mythical Hex 
Heighten your senses 

Incense has been used for centuries to create a fragrant aroma and in spiritual ceremonies. 

Create your own spiritual environment with Stamford Mythical Hex range of incense. 

Each pack of Stamford cored incense sticks contains 20 incense sticks approx 
Burn time 30 minutes approx. per stick 
For best results place in an incense holder 
Made from perfumery raw materials only 
Packaging is recyclable 

Stamford Incense is Vegan Certified by BeVeg  

Available in the following fragrances. 

  • Stamford Fairy’s Mist Hex Incense (Box – 6 packets) 
  • Stamford Witches’ Curse Hex Incense (Box – 6 packets) 
  • Stamford Wizard’s Spell Hex Incense (Box – 6 packets) 
  • Stamford Werewolf’s Bite Hex Incense (Box – 6 packets) 

Stamford Fairy’s Mist Hex Incense – Fill the air with a mystical sense of calm and let this Stamford Black Fairy’s Mist Incense Stick guide you along the tranquil paths to Nirvana. 

Stamford Witches’ Curse Hex Incense – Release yourself with a Stamford Black Witches Curse Incense Stick and its purifying aroma, clearing the air of all negativity and bringing you back to serenity. 

Stamford Wizard’s Spell Hex Incense – Enjoy the enchanting aroma of Patchouli in these Stamford Black Wizards Spell incense sticks, its unique and subtle essence will drift you gently to a magical kingdom. 

Stamford Werewolf’s Bite Hex Incense – Sense the strength and grip of frankincense and myrrh in these Stamford Black Werewolf’s Bite incense sticks, a rare incense that is sure to heighten ones untamed self. 

    • Incense Sticks length 20cm  
    • Weight Pack 15g 
    • Box of 6 Incense pack length 25cm width 9cm x depth 6cm 
    • 20 sticks per packet. 
    • 6 packets per box. 

    All delivered FREE in the UK just use FREEUK code on checkout.

    Additional Information

    Weight 100.00000000 g
    Dimensions 22.00000000 × 4.20000000 × 1.60000000 mm


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